Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don't Take Feedback At Face Value Only - There's More To It Than You Think

For many eBay users, positive feedback have go the Holy Place Grail of a member's credibility. But there's more to feedback than rans into the eye. This article looks at a couple of points to bear in mind.

Ask most eBayers what they look for when dealing with a marketer or purchaser and they are likely to state one word - 'feedback'. This magic figure have attained the position of a near-obsession matched only perhaps by the praise of powerseller status. Yet what makes feedback really show?

Okay - it demoes how many modern times purchasers or Sellers have got left their ballot for a member when they are good eBayers - doesn't it? Well, that's not quite correct. The easiest manner I can demo you is to travel by my ain feedback and explicate what it means.

At the clip of writing, my feedback figure - the 1 alongside my eBay username - stand ups at 694. I'm not a powerseller and compared to some eBayers I'm a beginner, yet the figs still state their ain story. State you wanted to happen out a spot more about me - you'd chink on the number, revealing the Feedback Profile page associated with my username. There's my feedback mark - 694 - but hang on, what's this other figure mean, the 1 by the side of 'all positive feedback'?

This number, in my opinion, should also be shown by a member's name. Why? Simple - it demoes the true Numbers of eBayers who have got left feedback for me. Inch my lawsuit it's 1061. This agency that clients have got got made more than than one purchase from me - any figure of them between 1 and 367.

This bespeaks that (without blowing my ain trumpet), quite a few purchasers have seen tantrum to make repetition purchases from me. Unless they were crazy, they wouldn't do that unless I had won their trust and they knew I sold good items. This figure also includes people I have got brought from and here the same uses - by leaving repetition positive feedback they are indicating that they are happy with my purchasing from them.

So how about my positive feedback per centum score? No secrets there, it's 99.9%. What - not 100%? How can I be trusted if I don't have got a perfect score? Truth is that a batch of Sellers now - in consequence - pull strings their feedback mark to avoid negative feedback. How make they make this?

Easy. They simply make not give feedback to a purchaser until that purchaser have left them, the seller, feedback first. I name it ransoming - they throw the purchaser 'hostage' with the menace of negative feedback. Unless the purchaser tax returns positive feedback - regardless of the fact of it being deserved or not - they volition not go forth at best any feedback and at worst will leave of absence negative feedback in a 'retaliation' strike. Beware of Sellers like this!

Personally I always go forth feedback for a purchaser as soon as payment is received. If they pay quickly then I calculate they rate it! If I dispatch quickly, sell good points and give generally good service I anticipate them to give me the same. However, I don't hang on to that 100% figure as a line of life - my eBay activities (and yours!) ultimately depend on the good will of purchasers and sellers. This agency that, if I prison guard up - and it have happened! - I desire to cognize so I can set it right. If I do, I calculate I still charge per unit positive feedback. If I don't - I rate what I get!

So what makes that 99.9% figure really mean? It intends that I have got had one - that's right, just one - bad feedback in over 1,000 transactions. Guess what? It was a 'retaliation' work stoppage when I dared to kick about a faulty item! And let's confront it - a marketer with a feedback mark of 20,000+ won't mind the odd negative work stoppage - it isn't going to change their per centum mark worth a damn. However, for a relative newbie with a mark of say 10 that single bad consequence would plump their per centum mark to 90% - to my head totally and utterly unfair. The large Sellers cognize this - hence 'ransoming'.

So adjacent clip you expression at a seller's feedback score, don't just take it for given they're good - take a look instead at their overall rating. You might just acquire a shock!

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