Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Making Cha-Ching on Chow - How to Sell Regional Food Specialties on eBay

When travellers visit other states and cities, one of the most popular ways to take in the civilization and atmosphere of the finish is to sample the regional cuisine. New House Of York style pizza, Windy City style hot dogs, Philly cheesesteak, Pine Tree State lobster, and New Orleans Cajun gumbo soil are celebrated dishes for visitants and indigens alike. And even though it may not be possible to sell a hot domestic dog or piece of pizza pie on eBay, certain more than shippable and less perishable nutrient points can be sold on eBay that volition well stand for your part and will please clients with a small nostalgia for topographic point or yearning for a place once enjoyed. Food is very powerful, and knowing how to properly sell it on eBay can do you some existent money.

First, insight nutrient fortes from your part that mightiness do good sellers. For example, if you dwell in Maine, you might desire to sell packages of lobster furuncle from a celebrated local restaurant. If you're in New Orleans or Louisiana, you might desire to offer pralines or Cajun spices. Floridians might desire to transport oranges, although you'll have got to transport these with particular handling through the station office. From Chicago, Italian beef cattle seasoning mightiness be a large seller. Those in New York, specifically in Manhattan, might offer forte points from Dean & Deluca, such as as cocoa bars, tea, or coffee. Texans might sell chili con carne con carne seasoning or hot sauce for chili from an award-winning location. Folks in Capital Of Georgia might sell jarred peach tree preserves. And those in Bluegrass State might offer a batch batch julep premix with existent mint. These are only a few suggestions, but only those who have got lived in a metropolis or town can truly cognize the regional nutrient points that would sell best.

Next, you should name your nutrient point under the "home" class in the "food & wine" section. Brand certain to set the state and metropolis in the statute title of your listing, along with the name of the nutrient item. This volition addition exposure since anyone looking for "chili" can draw up your listing, but also person doing a hunt for "Texas" can happen it as well and it just might trip his or her taste sensation buds. Your verbal description must make the same consequence for the bidder as walking into a grocery shop store on an empty stomach. Tempt them. State them about the flavors. It's approve to utilize superlatives like "sumptuous" or "delectable," but that doesn't really do the experience existent for the bidder. Describe the spirit by relaying an anecdote about serving the point to your invitees and what they thought of it, such as as, "my invitee said it was creamy and left a pleasant aftertaste of nutmeg," or "my foreman tried it at our event and said the nutlike spirit of the java reminded him of the kona blends he enjoyed in Hawaii." These types of verbal descriptions state much more than than "flavorful." And personal anecdotes give the nutrient personality and do the marketer look wish regular Joe that is easy to like.

Finally, photographs are essential. Without a photograph of the food, the sale will likely not happen. People like to see exactly what they are getting. Saying the size of the part in the verbal description is important, but it is difficult to visualise how much 6 troy ounces of chili con carne premix really is. Plus, your exposure will demo the bidder how the nutrient will be packaged-in somes can, in cellophane, in jar, etc. Brand certain the declaration is good and the lighting is warm and inviting. You might even desire to demo nutrient prepared with the item, such as as a bowl of chili con carne or a cup of steaming coffee.

Tempting bidders to seize with teeth into a purchase can be rewarding if you cognize how to drive traffic to your listing. By properly headlining your item, describing your food, and showing what the nutrient looks like, you can turn your Zhou into cha-ching!

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