Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Acer eyes making more mobile Internet gadgets -

Fresh from the launch of a mini-laptop the company trusts will catapult it into a new section of portable Internet devices,
an executive director at Genus Acer said the company is also looking to construct even littler devices to suit the category.

Acer launched the on Tuesday, a low-cost mini-laptop with an 8.9-inch silver screen that incorporates an microprocessor from Intel to guarantee long battery life. The device is one of respective new mini-laptops launched at Computex
aimed at people looking for a device with the powerfulness and silver screen size to breaker the Internet wirelessly but not so little that
Web pages are difficult to view. The device will be between US$399 and $499 when it establishes in July. Don't Miss!

The devices are meant as first computing machines for people who mainly desire to bask Internet entree on the go. They all come up with
radio Internet connectivity, whether Wi-Fi Oregon 3G mobile telecommunications, and boasting long battery life, up to eight hours
in some machines. Genus Acer believes there is room for another sort of device because there are over 1.5 billion Internet users
around the Earth but fewer than 1 billion PCs out there.

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"We see there's a immense spread between the amount of Internet users and the figure of devices out there. Since the spread is so huge
we're trying to fill up that with devices," said Jim Wong, a senior corporate frailty president at Acer, in an interview in Taipei.

Acer is looking at devices littler than Aspire one to fill up the demands of more than people looking for mobile Internet devices.

"The Aspire one is the greatest size, it is a two-handed device. We're definitely thinking about a one-handed device," said
Wong. He declined to notice on what the device might look like or when it might be available.

But he said Genus Acer is interested in touch-screen devices, and sees that as a cardinal for one-handed mobile Internet devices.

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