Thursday, January 15, 2009

How I Made My First $100 Online, Completely by Accident!

Seems a spot far-fetched, doesn't it? Well, its not, and it is completely true. My first money made online was completely by accident, and I didn't have got to set in any attempt at all. In fact, it is this first $100 made online that made me recognize that there is existent money to be made on the cyberspace and plentifulness of it to travel around. Tons of people have got made money this way, and who knows, you may acquire lucky just like I did. Alright, I believe I have got built up adequate suspense, clip to acquire to business. About a twelvemonth ago, I filmed my true cat doing a wall tally and jumping over a fence. I thought this was a really cool picture so I set it up on YouTube.

The picture received one thousands of positions since then, after I had forgotten about it. One twenty-four hours I acquire an electronic mail requesting the usage of my picture on a website or television. They offered $100 for the video, and I gladly agreed to direct them a higher quality version of the video.

A few hebdomads later I got a bank check in the mail for $100, just as promised. My first $100 made online, and all Iodine did was do a picture of my cat. Now I am also using the popularity of the picture to advance my websites. Of course, I got very lucky, but this just travels to demo that you can make money in some very unexpected ways, so don't acquire discouraged if you haven't made that first sale yet.

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