Thursday, March 13, 2008

Build Your 6-Figure eBay Income Series - About the Myth - Make Easy Money on eBay

It's easy to fall into the "drop ship" trap when you first start out on eBay, simply because it experiences like person will make all the work for you. Heck, you only have got to pay them when you do a sale, not to advert they'll even set your name on the box and ship the merchandise for you. Doesn't that sound convenient?

But what you don't cognize about these driblet shippers is that they are not true wholesalers. They are just middlemen, selling merchandises to you at much higher terms than true wholesalers! After all, they have got got to have an inducement to offer you their services.

Now, you might still believe this is not such as a bad deal. Maybe you just detest packing material or stocking products. But have got you ever wondered why most driblet shippers complaint a fee before you can check up on out most of their products? They'll usually show window a few high border merchandises on their chief page, and compare their terms to typical eBay terms in order to entice you into a false sense of security (i.e. do you believe that you can do monolithic profits). The job is, once you pay up, you'll see that most of their merchandises are sold for below cost on eBay.

Remember, eBay is known to be a topographic point to happen good trades from a purchaser perspective. So you can anticipate nearly fierce competition for sellers. Unless you separate your merchandises from the other hundred sellers, or are known for exceeding service, you have got to offer less costs, period. And unless you acquire entree to true wholesale prices, you'll consistently see other Sellers selling merchandises for less than what you have got to pay.

Real jobbers are often difficult to happen for the norm eBayer like you and me, as they typically only work with merchandisers who sell big volumes of goods. But cognize that it's calm possible for us, just difficult. So don't vacation spot to a driblet shipper just yet. Spend some clip doing research online and offline, and you may just falter upon a gold mine.

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