Monday, March 24, 2008

The Pre-Sell Page That Generates Explosive Affiliate Sales

Many ace affiliates state that you should utilize a pre-sell page in your affiliate selling efforts. But what type of pre-sell page is best. Many new affiliate sellers seek to utilize a pre sell beeper that is almost a transcript of the merchant's gross sales page. They supply a listing of characteristics a statute mile long. This usually consequences in very minimum conversions. Benefits sell products, not features.

Other affiliate sellers utilize a difficult sell approach. This is also a formula for disaster. In order to be successful, your purchaser have to convert on this page AND chink the bargain button on your merchant's page. Using this technique, you have got given your prospect twice as many opportunities to decline your product. In addition, most consumers are turned off by the difficult sell. Using difficult sell techniques makes more than opposition in the heads of most prospects.

The best pre-sell page is not a gross sales page at all. I have got establish that the most effectual pre-sell page is a simple article placed on my site. This technique plant very well if you have got a batch of content on your site. The article should be related to a job that your affiliate merchandise solves. The article should be easy to happen and have got a statute title that clearly defines the job and state that this article incorporates the solution. Your article should say the many problems associated with this job and the troubles that it can cause. In the concluding paragraph of your article, reference that you had this job and solved it by using xyz product. Brand certain you infix a textual matter nexus directing the reader to xyz product. And above all, be elusive in your recommendation. You only necessitate a sentence or two. Don't over make it, otherwise your article winds up looking like an advertisement. People don't like to be sold.

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