Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cisco Says Internet Video Could Swamp The Internet - InformationWeek

Cisco have just issued a study that dorsums up claims by many Internet service providers, that screening over the Web is gobbling up immense measures of web capacity and the job is only going to acquire worse. The Lake Herring Ocular Networking (pdf) foretells that traffic will nearly dual every two old age to 2012.

Released Monday, the 2007-2012 proposed that information science traffic will turn at a concerted yearly growing charge per unit of 46%.

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The growing is creating a new vocabulary of information science metrics of exabytes and zettabytes. One exabyte bes 1 billion gilbert or 250 million DVDs. A zettabyte bes 1 trillion gilbert or 1,000 exabytes or 250 billion DVDs.

"The wide and increasing acceptance of ocular networking is having a important impact on information science traffic growing for both consumer and concern services marketplaces worldwide," said Suraj Shetty, Cisco's VP of service supplier marketing, in a statement. "Until just a few old age ago, 'exabyte' was an unheard-of term. However, because of the monolithic growing we're seeing, by 2012 we will have got to reorient our vocabulary once again, as the metrical that we necessitate then will be the zettabyte."

Cisco didn't state so in its treatment of the report, but the explosive growing is likely to do Internet service suppliers to force for Internet metering in an effort to restrict usage of the Web by concerns and consumers who be given to be heavy picture users. ISPs like Comcast and AOL Time Charles Dudley Warner are experimenting with efforts to restrict use or to bear down higher terms for some users who big measures of video.

Noting that its Ocular Networking Index is portion of its in progress attempt to calculate the growing of Web traffic, Lake Herring said the growing rush will be a consequence of picture communications, entertainment, and societal networking. The networking company said it anticipates Internet picture traffic will turn to 400 modern times the amount of picture traffic that was carried on the U.S. Internet in 2000.

Cisco said nearly 90% of all consumer information science traffic is expected to dwell of picture on demand, information science video, and Internet picture in 2012.

While most concern information science traffic through 2012 will be concentrated in North America, the fastest growing Internet traffic part will be in Latin America, which is expected to have got the peak growth charge per unit through 2012, according to the report.

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