Friday, September 19, 2008

You Have To Build A Squeeze Page To Sell High Ticket Products Online And Example - Part 1

A squeezing page is by my definition, a web page that have as its lone option, the opting in of someone, the visitant to go a subscriber. Now, the ground that I utilize a squeezing page is figure 1 because it works. The ground that it works is because when you direct a visitant to your website, you have got some opportunity that they might go a purchaser. Let's say that the norm webpage converts at 1%. That's probably the norm webpage. What that agency is that out of every 100 people that come up to your website, 1% of them buy from you.

Now, if instead you construct a list, generally on a listing if you have got 100 subscribers, somewhere between 6 and 10% of the people on your listing will purchase from you. What that agency is that the transition charge per unit of people on your listing is much higher than just general visitors. So, what I make is I necessitate every single individual in order to derive entree to anything on my website - now, they're more than welcome - I've got one thousands of articles posted. People are more than than welcome to breaker my articles all twenty-four hours long if they desire to larn information for free. But if they desire to acquire echt information from me, they have got to exchange their name and electronic mail computer computer address for exchange, what I'll normally make is give out a free e-book arsenic an incentive to give me their name and electronic mail address.

I actually ran some Numbers the other day, which were surprisingly higher than I thought that they were. I thought my existent transition charge per unit was 32%, and I was actually satisfied with that. I've got pages that have got converted as high as 66%, but those are very targeted pages. My norm page across the board (and I've got 100s of squeezing pages) converts at 32%. I ran some Numbers and I came up with 37% over the last six calendar months and I'm very, very pleased with that. Actually about six calendar months ago I started doing some optimisation on squeezing pages, and obviously that's paid off nicely. See what I mean? For every 100 people that come up to my website, 37 of them go subscribers. Now, 8% of all my endorsers go buyers. If you take 37 and you multiply it modern times 8%, and I'll just make the mathematics existent speedy here/. Let's see 24, 29. I'm coming up with 2.96%. What that agency is that my transition charge per unit out of every 100 people that come up to my website is actually 2.96% whereas if I were to just direct everybody to a gross gross gross sales page and that sales page converted at an norm of 1%, then I am converting 3 modern times as many of my visitants as I would if I went consecutive to a sales page. That's the whole thought with the squeezing page.

The 2nd portion of this and obviously the ground that the transition charge per unit is higher is that as I'm building a list, then that assists me construct traffic. The thought with this is let's just state you have got a thousand visitants a month. If you desire to compose this down, you can pull a grid. So compose down three months, 1000, 1000, and 1000 visitors, and let's just state that 1% of your visitants purchase from you. It doesn't substance what your ticket is, whether it's a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars. Let's just state it's 1%, then each calendar month you're going to have got 10 sales. If you construct a listing instead, your listing converts at 30%. I'll give you a less number. I cognize mine's a spot higher now, which I'm pleased with, but let's state it's 30%, inch each calendar month you're going to add on 300 subscribers.

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